BH5 Stealth Punch Kids Boxing Gloves

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BH5 Stealth Punch boxing gloves, which are acknowledged as the most safe in the world, were created to keep kids comfortably protected while they exercise. This distinguished boxing glove has innovative splinted wrist support and interlocking straps to maintain perfect alignment of the hands and wrists during each punch. Five layers of knuckle protection buffer hits for all combat sports, including boxing, muay thai, and kickboxing, allowing kids to concentrate on perfecting their technique.

Sizes / Ages:

6 oz: Ages 6-10

8 oz: Ages 11-14

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Features & Specifications:

  • As children’s hands develop, Dual-X adjustable wrist straps ensure a precise fit. Reputable splinted support ensures ideal wrist alignment.
  • Maximum knuckle protection is provided by a foam composition with multiple layers of technology.
  • practically unbreakable Unmatched durability is provided by the Vylar exterior.
  • Your hands stay cool thanks to an ultra-soft lining with temperature control.
  • Sweat may be easily removed thanks to microfiber.
  • Padding splints support and align the hands and wrists.
  • Knuckle protection that absorbs shock is provided by injected-molded foam.
  • Reduces hand strain thanks to natural fit and hand ergonomics.
  • Sweat may be easily removed thanks to microfiber.
  • When hands heat up, the ultra-smooth inside lining keeps them cool.

1 review for BH5 Stealth Punch Kids Boxing Gloves

  1. Ashley (verified owner)

    The service from Buck and Hyde from start to finish has been superb . Always contacting me with the delivery process etc. Would definitely recommend this company without a doubt. Product was as described will definitely order again

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BH5 Stealth Punch Kids Boxing Gloves
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